TOS Crew: Young Minds MathTutor DVDs

Members of the TOS Crew received Young Minds DVDs from Our family got a DVD that was really too young for us, but we watched it all the way through and enjoyed the experience!

Numbers and Counting
is really aimed at the younger set who are just learning to count. For each number, from 1 to 10, there is a lovely short video with soothing classical music in the background and bright photographs to illustrate the number (birds and animals, different kinds of fruit, trucks and trees, a little something for everyone). The classical music featured familiar pieces, one per segment. We recognized Mozart, Pachelbel, Chopin, Bach, and Vivaldi among them, some of them pieces Eldest had played with her orchestra.

I can’t tell you how well this method works in helping young ones learn their numbers, since Youngest is 11 and well past that stage. We’ve always been pretty concrete, counting things as they came along: place settings at the table, blocks as we walked to the park, birds at the feeder, you get the idea. Some of these were so concrete and solid that we picked them up and handled them as we counted them. Others we counted when we saw them, so I expect that the Numbers and Counting DVD might have fit such an approach.

Anyhow, the music is certainly good enough to run as background music in our home, though we’d have to turn off the picture so as not to be distracted by the beautiful images as we go about our daily tasks…

Numbers and Counting is one among many DVDs available from Math Tutor. This DVD lists for $29.99 but is available at the Math Tutor website for $19.99.

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Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew receive products free of cost, for the purpose of review. We are asked to offer our honest opinions, not required to provide endorsements, unless we are honestly enthused.


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