TOS Crew: Family Mint

Confession time here. This TOS Crew review is due to publish today, and I don’t have a lot of experience to share with you about Family Mint, the free website that helps you to teach your children about money management. However, I can tell you that this website looks like an excellent tool for “helping kids appreciate money.”
With Family Mint, parents act as bankers as well as teachers. With this program, not only can you help your children set goals and keep track of progress, but you can motivate them to save and spend wisely. There’s a lot of educational material on the website, in the form of blog articles and newsletters. The website itself offers powerful tools that allow you to set up accounts for each of your children and help them get started managing their money in a responsible, productive way.
I set up accounts and began to explore the website, and then got swamped with real life. However, when I think about it, learning to manage your money is a big part of real life! Our children have been watching us work on our own money management, with help from Dave Ramsey, so they’re aware of how important this issue is to us. I can clearly see how using Family Mint can help them with their own learning, so I intend to reorganize my priorities a bit, to sit down with the girls and actually start using this valuable tool.
Check out the Family Mint website, read the articles, look around; and while you’re there, set up an account for your family. Don’t put it off like we did! (red face)
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Disclaimer: The TOS Crew was given free access to the Family Mint website. However, the website is free anyhow. No monetary compensation was involved for the writing of this review.

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