TOS Crew: Children’s Bible Hour Ministries

You may be familiar with the Children’s Bible Hour. I hadn’t heard of them until now, and after perusing the list of radio stations on their website, I know why! None of our local Christian radio stations carries their programs. However, I listened to a sample Bible Hour Storytime at the website and found it charming. If you find their broadcasts in your area, tune in!

Anyhow, members of the TOS Homeschool Crew received four books, each with an accompanying read-aloud CD, from the new Seasons of Faith series. Each story is based on a script from the radio show. The stories are designed to follow the seasons in the Christian life (descriptions from the TOS Crew blog):

  • Spring: This is the time when people experience new life in Christ. Faith develops and Christians begin to share the Salvation message with others. (Race with Midnight)
  • Summer: This is the time when faith grows under God’s love and care. Fruit is witnessed and triumphs are gained through applying His Word and striving to be the best we can be in Christ. [You Can’t Come In]
  • Autumn: This is the time of struggle, temptation, peer pressure, and mistakes. Even though it might seem like nothing good can come from this time, God has promised that He will be there. He will teach us how to forgive and then grown in grace. [Seventy Times Seven]
  • Winter: This is the time when life is most difficult. Deep struggles, mourning, trying to make it through difficult times, or the death of a loved one can pull us away from God. He teaches us to lean on Him for comfort and peace. [Braving the Storm]

The stories are read by Uncle Charlie VanderMeer, who does a fine job of catching and keeping the listeners’ attention. Subtle background music adds to the action. Eldest and I listened to the CDs on an hour-long car errand, while Eldest followed along in the books, turning the pages when prompted. (By the way, the page-turn prompt is a pleasant chiming sound, inviting without being distracting.) We were able to hear three of the stories in a little less than an hour.

Each of the stories is grounded in Scripture and biblical principles. Related Scriptures are incorporated into the story, or quoted as the story concludes. Each CD ends with an invitation to trust Jesus for salvation.  Specifically, Seventy Times Seven is a modern-day application of the parable of the unforgiving servant. Race with Midnight and You Can’t Come In model how a child (or an adult, even) might tell someone about the gospel, relating their current situation to Bible truth about salvation. Braving the Storm is a parable in itself, demonstrating how growing faith roots us safely in place, like a tree with deep roots that cannot be blown over by a storm. (I have a small bone to pick with the last story. In it, after an ice storm, Grandpa suggests driving into town for hot apple cider. Believe me, we’ve been through a number of ice storms. You don’t drive anywhere after one! Even walking outside can be dangerous to life and limb.)

Quibbles aside, we found the stories compelling and instructive. Even though we knew the principles that were being taught, they were presented in a refreshing way. The stories are just predictable enough to make them comfortable for a young child’s listening. The pictures in the books are colorful and evocative (and some of them are just plain fun, like the boy pelting downhill in a wagon!).

The Seasons of Faith 4-book (each book with its own CD) set is available at the Children’s Bible Hour Ministries website for $40, or you can buy each book (with its included CD) separately for $10.

Read more TOS Crew opinions of these books and CDs here.

Disclaimer: TOS Homeschool Crew reviewers receive materials without cost for review purposes, and receive no monetary compensation for their reviews. Opinions expressed here reflect our family’s impressions.


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