TOS Crew: Beehive Reader 1

Last year’s TOS Crew was given the opportunity to review All About Spelling. You can read my review here! In short, I love this kinesthetic spelling program that teaches the whys as well as wherefores of spelling rules.

Now Marie Rippel, author of All About Spelling, is adding readers that correspond to the spelling levels. Beehive Reader 1 is designed to fit well with Level 1 of All About Spelling.

This slim (160 pages) hardcover book is delightful! (Or so our 11yo pronounced. She’s well beyond the simple stories, but is looking forward to reading the book to her younger friends.)

The ten stories found within are brief, several pages long each with not much text on a page. The vocabulary is (for the most part) limited to words with short vowels. Unlike some readers I’ve seen, the stories don’t start with a focus on short-a words and progress through subsequent stories focusing on each of the short vowels in turn, but mix the words from the beginning. Your young reader will be able to begin reading the stories after completing Step 15 in All About Spelling Level 1. A correlation chart is available here: Correlation Chart with All About Spelling. However, you can enjoy using the Reader even if you aren’t using this particular spelling program!

The illustrations look like pencil sketches and have an old-fashioned flavor that we find very appealing. The stories are written to appeal to children, being about children, and animals, including a couple that draw on magic and imagination (like a shrinking boy a la Alice in Wonderland, without the fantastical creatures).

You can see the table of contents and sample chapters at the All About Spelling website, as well as ordering information. The Beehive Reader 1 is availabe in sturdy hardcover for $19.95.

To read more TOS Homeschool Crew reviews of Beehive Reader 1, click here.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Crew received a free copy of the Beehive Reader 1 for review. TOS Crew reviewers receive no monetary compensation for their time and opinions. Opinions expressed here are our own family’s.


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