Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Today for the first time this year, I hung out laundry — a load of sheets, actually. The sun (when it wasn’t behind a cloud) was so warm! I don’t know if the sheets will be dry at the end of the day, but they’ll smell fresh and need a lot less tumbling in the dryer to finish the job.

Looking forward to more laundry tomorrow. (No, seriously! What’s better than putting sun-dried sheets on the bed? Okay, going to bed and *sleeping* on those sun-dried sheets is actually better than wrestling them onto the bed…)

Do you line-dry?


Walking with your eyes open

The other day, Youngest was complaining that her eye hurt. She thought she had an eyelash in it, or speck of dust, or something. I couldn’t see anything in her eye, but thought I’d keep an eye out for the redness that is a part of pinkeye. I thought perhaps she’d had something in her eye and the eye was still irritated.

The next day she woke up crying because her eye was so uncomfortable. I looked at her eye again, couldn’t see anything, and it wasn’t even very red. I called the eye doctor for advice, just to make sure I was on the right track — eye irritation, possible infection, since Youngest hadn’t had a cold or sniffles it might just need a hot, wet compress or perhaps an eyewash to moisten and help her feel better.

Compress didn’t help. Eyewash didn’t help. Eye was still not very red, so not pinkeye…

Consulted dh and decided to take her in to the doctor. Called eye doctor again and they said to come in. I am so very glad I didn’t just take her to our GP but to an eye specialist…

Turns out she had something lodged in her cornea, right in the middle of the pupil. Possibly happened while playing tag or climbing a tree.

One careful removal session and three days of antibiotic drops later, the eye seems to be okay.

Most people I know go to vision centers in the mall to get eye exams and glasses. We used to, before I got laser eye surgery and began going to an ophthalmologist (gee I hope that’s the word, it’s the one my spelling checker is insisting on) for checkups. It turns out our vision coverage covers one exam a year for the girls, but even if we had to pay full price it would be worth it.

I’m so glad he was there to take care of Youngest’s eye!

Whew. I never take vision for granted.