Fundraiser reminder

No, I didn’t post on this earlier, but you may have seen the announcement of this sale earlier and then forgotten about it, like I did.

We’ve been praying for a precious little boy, Noah, for a little over two years now. He has medical issues you can read about at Kate’s blog. Kate’s his mom, by the way.

There’s a special sale to benefit the Estes family. Lots of neat stuff (several hundred dollars’ worth of e-books and MP3 files) for $39, and a drawing for several prize packages.

Here’s Kate’s reminder about the sale:

Less than 14 hours to go . . .

Just a quick reminder that our amazing sale ends at midnight tonight, so if you haven’t taken advantage of this great offer, you’ll need to hurry! While we’re excited at how God is working on OUR behalf through this event, we are equally thrilled at how God is going to bless each of YOU – this package of resources is really, truly fantastic for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike . . . and the chance to get over $350 worth of items for only $39 is a great deal. We have to wait a few days more to allow time for mail-in orders, but I just can’t wait to call up the winners of the prize packages and tell them they won. Some mommies are going to be VERY happy – have you seen those prizes???

In case you haven’t been yet, the site for the sale is

Check it out!


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