Teacher Appreciation at B&N

I don’t know if it’s all Barnes and Noble stores, or just the one at Clackamas Town Center, but starting Saturday is a Teacher Appreciation week (I think it’s a week, anyhow. Should have written down the dates) where teachers can get 25% off their purchases, personal books and items as well as those used in teaching.

Home Educators can get a teacher’s card with proof that they’re homeschooling.

Speaking of bookstores, we spent an hour or two at Borders last night, after our history co-op let out. I gathered an armful of books and sat in the coffee area, reading, while the girls browsed for books or kits to spend their Christmas gift cards on. It was a relaxing time, and I admit I needed the downtime.

Gift cards to a bookstore, what a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas present from my sister! (Thanks, Sis.)


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