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Fundraiser reminder

No, I didn’t post on this earlier, but you may have seen the announcement of this sale earlier and then forgotten about it, like I did.

We’ve been praying for a precious little boy, Noah, for a little over two years now. He has medical issues you can read about at Kate’s blog. Kate’s his mom, by the way.

There’s a special sale to benefit the Estes family. Lots of neat stuff (several hundred dollars’ worth of e-books and MP3 files) for $39, and a drawing for several prize packages.

Here’s Kate’s reminder about the sale:

Less than 14 hours to go . . .

Just a quick reminder that our amazing sale ends at midnight tonight, so if you haven’t taken advantage of this great offer, you’ll need to hurry! While we’re excited at how God is working on OUR behalf through this event, we are equally thrilled at how God is going to bless each of YOU – this package of resources is really, truly fantastic for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike . . . and the chance to get over $350 worth of items for only $39 is a great deal. We have to wait a few days more to allow time for mail-in orders, but I just can’t wait to call up the winners of the prize packages and tell them they won. Some mommies are going to be VERY happy – have you seen those prizes???

In case you haven’t been yet, the site for the sale is

Check it out!


The Old Schoolhouse $8 subscription!

Hey, the Old Schoolhouse Magazine is offering a five-year subscription for $39, which works out to less than $8 a year!

Here’s the link: click here

The offer expires in about 3 days, so if you were planning to subscribe, don’t delay.

Study aids…

History lessons certainly go so much better with chocolate.

What are your favorite study aids?


We have had this new kitten 2 weeks! He’s hypoallergenic, so I can breathe, hoorah.

We were really blessed… on the day we picked him up, they were still waiting for the test results and didn’t know quite how low in allergens he might be. One of his littermates had tested pretty high and had to go to a family without cat allergies.

So, I was worried. Here we’d driven 90 minutes to go pick him up, and there was a prospect one or more of us would be allergic to him and have to give him back and wait for another kitten.

The test results came back a few days ago, and he’s the lowest in his litter, allergen-wise!

(Good thing, too. He’s a winsome little thing. We all think he’s cute, except the dog.)

Got any suggestions on how to get the Giant Schnauzer to accept him and stop trying to chase him?


Will post a pic of him later if I can figure out how to get it on the computer.

Here’s the Giant Schnoz, not in chasing mode. (Snuggling, actually. Perhaps she’s part cat.) To give you an idea of how big she is, she’s sitting on the floor with her head on me and paws on the couch, begging to get up on the couch and really stretch out and snuggle.

Lego League Robotics!

The girls’ team went to the state competition for FIRST Lego League on Saturday. Their hard work paid off–they were one of three teams to win an overall third place. I’m told that’s amazing for a rookie team!

Congratulations, Team Zip!

Teacher Appreciation at B&N

I don’t know if it’s all Barnes and Noble stores, or just the one at Clackamas Town Center, but starting Saturday is a Teacher Appreciation week (I think it’s a week, anyhow. Should have written down the dates) where teachers can get 25% off their purchases, personal books and items as well as those used in teaching.

Home Educators can get a teacher’s card with proof that they’re homeschooling.

Speaking of bookstores, we spent an hour or two at Borders last night, after our history co-op let out. I gathered an armful of books and sat in the coffee area, reading, while the girls browsed for books or kits to spend their Christmas gift cards on. It was a relaxing time, and I admit I needed the downtime.

Gift cards to a bookstore, what a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas present from my sister! (Thanks, Sis.)


It’s a gray and rainy day, after yesterday’s peeks of sun.

I have a to-do list as long as my arm, and growing…

Why is it that when I get busy about something, all work on the part of the girls seems to stop? Surely they can work independently without me hovering to make sure they’re diligent?

I guess some more character training is in order. *sigh*

Tomorrow is the FIRST Lego League Robotics state competition. I have to admit I’ll miss the fellowship with the other moms of our daughters’ teammates, but I won’t miss the chunks torn out of my schedule.

It’s going to be a very busy weekend. Good thing I’ve got the washing and shopping already done.

Next week’s calendar looks so open and inviting, I hardly know what I’m going to do with myself. (Hah. Lots of running to catch up, I bet.)