TOS Crew: Guardian Angel Publishing

Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew received several e-books from Guardian Angel Publishing, a publisher of e-books, e-books on CD, full-color picture books, and book-video DVDs.

The publisher’s stated mission is inspiring. Ffrom their website:

[O]ur publishing goals are to lovingly create fun, affordable and educational print books and ebook computer experiences for your preschoolers and primary age children.

Guardian Angel Publishing believes we can change the world by investing in children one child at a time. The seeds of the influence from our books will live longer than we do. A harvest of knowledge and vibrant faith will help transform a time we may never see.

The books our family received certainly fit. Here’s a brief description of each, followed by our general impressions.

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair, by Mary Jane Kelso, illustrated by K.C. Snider, is a middle book in a series about Andy, a boy who has a special friendship with a horse. Both Andy and his friend Spirit have differences that set them apart from others. Andy’s in a wheelchair; Spirit is an albino horse. Together, however, they make a winning team. This heartwarming tale shows how you can rise from adversity, even in the face of opposition from a bully.

Even though this is not the first book in the series, it stands alone well. That said, we wanted to read more about Andy and Spirit when we were done.

No Bones About It, by Bill Kirk, illustrated by Eugene E. Ruble, is a rhyming tour of the skeletal system, from bottom to top. The couplets on each page address the names of the various bones, while “Factoid” boxes supply facts (often unrelated to what else is going on in the story) about the skeletal system. In addition, there’s a built-in hide and seek (see tiny boxes on the two-page spread above, each with a picture of a bone) for readers to identify various bones after going through the book. The book concludes with a blank chart for you to quiz yourself on the names of the bones, as well as a list of references, including websites you can click on from within the PDF document.

Stubby’s Destiny is a gentle story of friendship, with the motto “Aim high and always do your best.” Stubby is a little pony, friends with a high-stepping stallion. Both have the ambition of carrying a king some day. Stubby, however, can’t do things with the same style as his big, strong, handsome friend. Perhaps he doesn’t have a special purpose after all? In the end, however, he ends up serving the King of Kings on a very important day. If you’re familiar with Bible stories, you’ll know what’s going to happen. However, even knowing the end of the story, it’s enjoyable to read.

Maybe We Are Flamingos is a silly take on the old Ugly Duckling story. Two young flamingos don’t look at all like the flock. Maybe they aren’t flamigos? The anxiety only lasts a few moments, however, and when their mother reassures them that they really are flamingoes, and their pink color will come eventually, they relax and begin to imagine all sorts of other colors that might (or might not) be possible…

Hamster Holidays is one of a number of academic stories, where children are practicing a skill (such as grammar). This is a story that helps young readers practice identifying nouns and adjectives while reading a silly story. Hamsters observe different holidays than we do, and the hamsters in this book all celebrate a little differently from each other, giving lots of scope for different adjectives to pop up. Activity pages wrap up the book. Even though this book is for a younger age group than our girls, one of them read it through with me and benefited from the grammar reminder.

The final book  we looked at  is a picture book where the pictures have texture and look three dimensional. Rainbow Sheep is the story of a cheerful shepherd who encounters a sad rainbow. How the shepherd cheers the rainbow makes for a very colorful story. The pictures are made by a craft technique I’ve been hearing more and more about lately: needle felting. At the end of the story are directions on how to get started doing your own needle felting.

General Impressions

We found Guardian Angel Publishing to live up to their promise: They deliver colorful stories in a number of different categories, both fiction and nonfiction. The stories promote positive attitudes while entertaining or teaching concepts.

PDF download e-books like the ones the Crew received are $5. Books are also available in other formats, such as printed or an e-book on CD. Some are even available as DVD videos. Go to the Guardian Angel website to see the wide variety of products, download free e-books and coloring pages, order products, and more.

To see more TOS Homeschool Reviews (including reviews for other titles from this publisher), please click here.


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