TOS Crew: ABC Teach

I already had membership to a couple of subscription-type teachers’ sites when the word came that the TOS Crew would be reviewing abcteach. With all the free resources, plus my subscriptions, I was pretty content, but happy to make the acquaintance of the new (new to me, anyhow) site, just to see what abcteach had to offer.

I explored the site, finding lesson plans and worksheets, but it was when I started playing around with their handwriting worksheet generator that I really got excited. You see, I’ve been looking for a “pretty” italic handwriting font for months now, and hadn’t found much, until I found one of the fonts at abcteach that approximates pretty well how I write, and how I’d like our girls’ writing to look, at least while they’re developing a style of their own.

I have a program that I can use to generate handwriting sheets, but it’s old and cumbersome and not very easy to use. By contrast, the feature at abcteach is intuitive enough that I was able to use it without having to go through the tutorial first. However, there is a tutorial, just in case you need one.

But there’s so much more than just handwriting sheets.

Not just primary materials

My first impression of the site was that most of the materials were for elementary students, but that was just a first impression, from glancing over the home page. When I began to explore, I found middle-school material (some things I was able to adapt for high school), things I was able to use right away, from book report forms to writing rubrics, graph paper and math worksheets, graphic organizers, exercises, posters/bookmarks/fact sheets suitable for mini-offices, and more.

The site offers over 35,000 worksheets suited to use with grades Pre-K through 8, with more being added weekly. There are also tools for creating your own learning materials.

But can’t I find this sort of stuff on the web for free?

Yes, I have found things like graphic organizers and book report forms free online, but I’ve had to do a fair amount of hunting and gathering and bookmarking. The most frustrating thing is when I can’t remember where I found something and an internet search doesn’t take me back to where I thought it was… At abcteach all these learning materials are in one place, organized in a way that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. As a plus, as I mentioned earlier, you can create your own materials using the site’s tools.


abcteach is a subscription site. Subscriptions cost $40 a year or $70 for two years. (That makes a two-year subscription less than $3 a month.) Group memberships are also available. If you get a group of thirty or more people together, you can each join for $25 a year.

Sign up at the abcteach website. Check it out! There’s a 10-day money-back guarantee, which means you can cancel within ten days of joining and request a refund if you find the site doesn’t fit.

There’s also a free newsletter that you can sign up for.

To see more TOS Crew reviews of abcteach, please click here.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Homeschool Crew were given a one-month membership access to the abceach site for personal and homeschool use. Crew members receive no monetary compensation for reviews. Opinions offered here are our family’s.


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