TOS Crew: Kinderbach (revisited)

We reviewed Kinderbach with last year’s TOS Homeschool Crew (click here to see that review). Kinderbach is an online (or DVD based) keyboard-teaching program for young children aged 3-7, using cute little cartoony characters to help children learn the different keys (for example, Dodie the donkey lives in his little house on the “D” key, and once you see that, you can find all the Ds on the keyboard), coloring sheets, clapping and listening games, jingles, and more.

Our youngest is well past the age of seven, but pronounced the lessons “cute.” The pacing is fairly slow and always upbeat, well-suited to preschoolers and children of early elementary age.

You can purchase a subscription for online lessons, or buy the course on a DVD. Online lessons start as low as $7.99 per month for a year’s subscription, or $19.99 on a month-by-month basis. The online subscription gives you access to all six levels. The six levels are also available on DVD, at a cost of $40.45 per level. You can also buy songbooks and audio CDs with simple songs that enable children to be playing music fairly quickly.

To get an idea before you buy, you can see an introductory video, download free songs, and get two free weeks of Kinderbach lessons at the website. Click here to learn more!

More TOS Homeschool Crew reviews of Kinderbach are available here.

Disclaimer: TOS Crew reviewers received a little over two months’ free access to the Kinderbach website. TOS Crew reviewers receive no monetary compensation for writing reviews.


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