Whew! (proud mama post)

It has been busy around here!

We spent the entire month of October sick (some sort of virus that lasted 2-3 weeks, multiplied by five people and spread over the course of the month). It might have been flu. It might have been *that* flu. It might not.

November was catch-up month. We got behind in a lot of areas! As a result, we didn’t get quite as much done in the areas of science, history, and especially literature, as we’d planned last August.

But Lego League–there’s another story.

This year's board

You see, this year was our team’s first year in the FLL First Lego League. On Saturday, the team (made up of homeschoolers in upper elementary-middle school age, who chose the name “Zip” for their team, perhaps to illustrate their robot zipping merrily along on its missions) competed at the regional level.

(Photo from the FLL website of a typical competition)

They’d been told not to expect much. They’d been told to go to the competition with an attitude to make it fun, rather than looking to win some kind of award. In addition, they were supposed to get ideas for next year by watching the more experienced teams who were competing.

Here comes the unbelievable part.

Team Zip took the championship in the regional competition against 17 other teams. They’re going on to the state competition next month.


Congratulations, Team Zip!


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