TOS Crew: Sarah Books


(This has been one of those reviews that is very difficult to write, because the book kept disappearing… taken by one avid reader, or by another when the book surfaced once again, so that for the longest time I caught only tantalizing glimpses here and there.)

History has been one of our favorite subjects, and one reason is because we supplement our studies of historical periods and events by reading historical fiction. We have pretty high standards for historical fiction, though. I like books that are faithful to the past time periods they are portraying, i.e. the dialogue doesn’t sound modern, the children behave appropriately for their time period, the children in the story aren’t portrayed as smarter than the adults, etc. Writing from a Biblical basis is a plus.

Jim Baumgardner, author of the Sarah Books, has written a series of books set in the 19th century, about an orphaned girl who takes on her late mother’s charitable yet dangerous mission. Three books have been published so far, and another is in the works.

Mr. Baumgardner is passionate about history, as well as a gifted storyteller. His characters spring to life in your imagination–as Middlest says, she can easily imagine herself inside the story. Eldest, too, wanted me to tell you that she gives Sarah’s Wish five stars (out of five, of course!).

Sarah’s Wish is the first book in the series. The book is set during the time before the Civil War (War of Northern Aggression, as my Southern cousins like to call it), during the time of the Underground Railroad. Through reading, you get a good idea of day-to-day life at the time, as well as the dangers involved for those who were trying to escape to freedom, and those who helped them.

The book received high marks from our daughters, who have been begging for the rest of the series ever since reading Sarah’s Wish. (Well, Christmas is coming…)

There’s a link in the back of the book to a free audiobook download, and the author is offering special pricing to readers of  TOS Homeschool Crew blogs. You can email the author at to get a form sent to you, or go to this page and print out the form.

In addition, the author kindly provided discussion questions for homeschoolers who are reading Sarah’s Wish. I’ve copied them to a page, which you can find here.

Special pricing is as follows (from the author’s email):

Sarah’s Wish – 126 pages            $8.50 retail: $10.99 save $2.49

Sarah’s Promise – 245 pages       $10.50 retail: $14.99 save $4.49

Sarah’s Escape – 304 pages         $15.50 retail: $21.99 save $6.49

Extra special offer: Purchase all of the items above and add an extra copy of Sarah’s Wish for $4.00. You can give it to a friend. They will think you are great!

To read more about the author and his books, to order books and audiobooks, or to sign up for the Sarah’s Web newsletter, click here.

To read more TOS Homeschool Crew reviews of Sarah’s Wish, click here.

Disclaimer: Members of the TOS Crew were sent a free copy of Sarah’s Wish. All opinions in this review belong to our family (but we hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as we have!).


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