Is it swine flu, or isn’t it?

Well, it probably isn’t, from what I read of symptoms, but it certainly is a nasty crud, and all five of us have it now. Our laptop has also been ill, curiously enough. (Can laptops catch a virus? Um, not this kind at least. What we think we’re dealing with there is the power supply, a replacement of which was supposedly shipped to us nearly two weeks ago. The thing is under warranty, and so the replacement part is free, but at this point I’m sorely tempted to go out and order the replacement part on Amazon or someplace.)

That means we have a ratio of one computer to five people who are all looking for some kind of diversion. Reading can be a lot of work if you’re feeling sick. Television is okay for a time but gets boring. Ah, but the computer… it’s so wonderfully soothing. And distracting. And addictive.

I’m up before the rest of the family to get a little ‘puter time in–have had almost none over the past few days. It’s telling that “up before the rest of the family” is nearly noon. We are not in the habit of lying in past 8 or 9 o’clock, even on a day of rest. However, the cough that goes with this virus is something that keeps you awake enough in the night that you don’t really want to get up in the morning.

Hey, take your vitamins and suppplements (garlic is supposed to be good but didn’t fend this bug off forever, for us) and drink lots of liquids and gargle and do whatever you can to stay healthy. While cocooning has its merits, it really wreaks havoc with our neat and tidy schedule of classes and outside activities. Not to mention housework and other things.


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