TOS Crew: Studypod Book Holder


I almost didn’t get to write this review. For a funny reason…!

When the Studypod Book Holder arrived at our house, I almost didn’t see it. You see, I opened the package and took out the box and laid it on the table (got interrupted–that never happens to you, does it?) to look at later.

I never saw the box again. You see, somebody (name withheld to protect the Youngest) in passing by saw the picture on the box and got curious. That Somebody opened the box, took out the Studypod, and decided that this was going to be hers. All hers. And nobody else’s.

She must’ve recycled the box (hide the evidence, perhaps?). I’m very glad she came forward when I announced that the Studypod Had Arrived and I Really, Really (Really!) needed to see the thing, to write a review. Otherwise, I’d probably be in trouble with the Powers That Be.

Happily, though, the perpetrator enthusiastically brought out the Studypod from hiding and demonstrated its function. (This kid is my junior engineer, who is known for taking things apart and putting things together, not necessarily the same things. She has an eye for function and good design.)

What is a Studypod? As you can see from the picture, it’s a book stand or book holder, made of sturdy plastic and metal. You can stand it up or lay it flat. It holds a book open to the page you want, and turning pages is easy.

She’d been using the device for several days, by then, and told me how well it worked. You could put a book in it (she showed me) and stand it up on a desk or table, so that the book 1) took up less space, 2) was safe from the occasional spilled beverage, 3) was easy to read at a distance without her glasses (she’s farsighted), 4) stayed open at the page she wanted while she was copying or drawing or typing on the computer. She showed me how easy it was to turn pages, and how sturdy the Studypod is. (Believe me, at our house, “sturdy” is a very good thing!) She also showed me how easily the Studypod can be folded into a compact space.

We began to talk about other possibilities, like using the Studypod to prop a cookbook on the kitchen counter, giving us more counterspace and keeping the cookbook open to the right page. (Youngest is an avid cook.) Studypod will hold books of all sizes, even oversized music or art books–we tried it, propping music up on a table, and it worked. I also pointed out the small netted pocket inside that you could use for pens, pencils, cellphone, keys, etc.

I should have known better. I’ll never get the thing away from her now. If I want a Studypod (and I do!), I’m going to have to buy my own.

The Studypod is available for $19.95 with your choice of three colors (black, pink, and blue). Click on the link to order online, see a video demonstration, or find a store near you. If you’d like black, gray or beige, order the Bookpod (essentially the same product with a different choice of colors). Buy two or more at the discounted price of $16.95 each when you order more than one.

(Believe me, you might just need to buy two or more, especially if you want one for yourself.)

TOS Crew readers can get $5 off with the coupon code TOSBLOG5.

For more TOS Crew reviews of the Studypod, click here.


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