Ah, blessed rain

We awakened early to the sound of gentle, soaking rain. It was nice to lie in and listen to the sound. While I’m sorry to see summer go (yesterday was the last day the local pool was open, and we made a point of going), I love the coming of cooler days and a more purposeful schedule.

I’m also sorry for those who might be camping in the rain this weekend. We got our camping in a few weeks ago, with only one night of drizzle and the rest of the weather dry and pleasant, not too hot, and only too cold at night (I think we need to bring blankets next time, or get warmer sleeping bags).

But the cool, pattering rain this morning made me think of curling up with fuzzy blankets and sipping something hot: tea, or cider, or hot chocolate. Oh, and reading aloud from a good book, or watching a classic video, even.

Last night we watched the second half of A&E’s Longitude, a dramatization based on the book. It was very impressively done. Excellent acting, meticulous attention to detail, and a tremendous challenge of telling two stories, set over a hundred years apart, simultaneously. There wasn’t a lot of gratuitous sex (a couple of scenes gave me pause, one showing a man’s dissipation as he’s holding an conversation with the inventor’s son, while sitting at a table playing cards with three nude women, though scene was so carefully staged that only the adults in the room noticed the nudity, thankfully! Another scene showed a nurse and patient in bed together asleep. Hints, not outright flaunting of extramarital sex.). There was some blood and gore (a hanging, a beach strewn with drowned sailors, a flogging, a bloodless dissection with, again, the camera angle placed so that nothing was really seen).

My only other complaint, other than the fact that our 11yo was probably a year or two too young for the movie, would be that the background music was much too loud, at times drowning out the dialogue. We haven’t had that problem with other videos so I don’t know if it’s a problem with our equipment or with that particular movie.

Well, I think I’m going to log off now and take the dog for a walk in the rain.

I know I may get tired of rain, eventually, but today, it’s a novelty and a treat.


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