Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education

Have I mentioned I love this resource?

Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education is a book from Simply Charlotte Mason that simplifies the planning process. You don’t have to be a CM educator–it works well for anybody who uses books (even textbooks) in their homeschool. It’s especially useful for someone educating using CM techniques, though, as the name signifies.

You can buy it as a physical book, spiral bound, or as an e-book if you want an instant download and don’t mind reading off the computer or printing out the book and putting it in a binder or getting it bound at the office store. (With the official school year fast approaching, I have one friend who elected to do just that.) Purchasers also can download PDF pages of the forms in the book, for convenience in printing.

In five steps you go from big-picture planning through planning for the year, the term, the week, and finally, the day. The author allows for natural differences in families and styles and throws in lots of resources, lists, and examples to help you in your planning. Using the free Bookfinder at the site makes planning even easier! (I haven’t tried the free trial of the online CM Planner yet. I’m kind of afraid to. What if it turns out to be so convenient that I don’t want to go without it after the free trial runs out?)

I’m on step 3 out of the 5-step process. I kind of stalled there a few weeks ago due to being over-busy with daily life. Need to get cracking!


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