Holiday Grand Plan

Thanks once more to the CEO for hosting this and offering free notebook pages!Yes, it’s around the corner, the beginning of the Holiday Grand Plan for 2009. (This year’s plan begins the week of August 30.)

Are you ready? Want to join me in getting enough done before the start of the holiday season, that we can find rest and refreshment and time to meditate on the true Reason for the season?

(Some questions to get you started: When you’re feeling thankful, Whom do you thank, and why? What is the original meaning to be found in the word “Christmas” and why is it important? Is “Xmas” really an attempt to “X” out Christ, or is it a reminder of the Cross? Is Christmas really a pagan holiday, or a holy day?)

Oops, don’t have any more time today for contemplation; it’s past my bedtime.

Anyhow, the Holiday Grand Plan emphasizes being a “martha” now so that you can be a “mary” (maybe we should say “merry”?) later. Visit Organized Christmas for a printable planner (and more!).


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