TOS Crew, I’m back!

It’s been alternately busy, hot, laid low by illness, busy, and today it’s hot (but cooling by Friday) and I really need to settle down and get stuff done on the computer!

Oh, and let’s not forget to put distracted in there–I discovered Facebook last week and have been exploring a little every day, adding friends and looking up old friends and reading people’s posts and even commenting a time or two. I learned to upload photos, too, and became a fan of Organic Gardening and the TOS Crew Facebook Page.

Anyhow, the Crew has been going all summer, working with Grapevine Studies, Hank the Cowdog book and game, Quarter Mile Math, Sense and Sensibility patterns (a graceful and practical apron pattern), Sue Gregg cookbooks, Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services, College Prep Genius, and more! (I’ve received all of the above except the cookbooks, so you’ll be hearing about them here in the coming days.)



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