Hey, I’m a guest blogger!

Check out Three Boys and a Dog for ideas on Easy and Cheap Field Trips. Thanks, Kelli!

Kelli’s blog is full of good ideas and information. Check out her latest party, and her giveaways!

On the home front, it’s “only” supposed to get up to 100 today, after two days quite a bit hotter than that. Whew. I’m looking forward to the big cool-down they’re predicting, when the temps will be in the 90s and maybe even 80s. Never thought I’d feel that 80s is “cool”!

Cooling ideas, as promised in my last entry:

– cold meals, minimum of cooking

– cold, wet cloth on the back of the neck

– open all the doors and windows early in the morning, then when the temperature outside reaches the temperature in the house, close everything up and pull down all the shades

– hang out at a pool (we spent the better part of yesterday at homeschool co-op planning meeting at a house with a pool in the back yard; we bought a summer pass to our community pool this year and are making good use of it)

– air conditioning – no, not at our house, but we can go hang out at the library or bookstore and read books, or go to the store and shop very slowly

How about you? How do you keep cool when the temps are too high for comfort?


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