Summer Reading Splash!

summer-splashYour children don’t stop reading just because it’s summer, do they?

(Perish the thought!)

In our family, it’s anything but… we follow a more relaxed schedule in the summertime, which means more free time. (Yes, we still do some academics during the summer–more about that in a later post–math, for one.)

More free time means more time for fun reading! (Along with all those other summery things, like setting up a lemonade stand, swimming at the neighborhood pool, riding bikes, inline skating, teaching the dog new tricks, camping, and more. But I digress.)

We’ll be signing up for our library’s summer reading program today, but with the way our girls read, they’ll zip through the reading logs in just a fraction of the summer. The way the reading logs work, you get to fill in a shape for every 30 minutes you read. After every 10 shapes you get a small prize. After about 40 shapes you’re done! I have to say that 20 hours of reading is something one of our girls could do in a week, and another could do in less time than that, even.

Though I try to keep them busy and active during the day, there’s always reading by the light from the hallway after bedtime, or in a pinch they can fall back on that old standby, the flashlight under the covers. And even during the day I’ll find them in various corners, curled up with a book. After all, there’s just so much inline skating a person can do!

The Old Schoolhouse is sponsoring an online reading contest this summer. I read through Splish’s blog just this morning, and found giveaways and book lists submitted by readers (parents, too!).

The Summer Reading Splash is a 10-week program, and at the end there’ll be a great book giveaway! (Someone said you can never be too rich or too thin… I’d add to that to say you can never have too many books… can you?)

Anyhow, even if you’re planning to take a long summer vacation, don’t let your brain (or your students’) dissolve into dust and blow away on the wind–pick up a good book or two along the way. You’ll be glad you did.


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