Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home!

Spring cleaning, anyone?

mrs_meyers_cleanI’ll admit, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home was a surprise… a very pleasant surprise!

I’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products popping up all over the place but hadn’t tried them yet. When I heard about this book, I was intrigued. I wondered, was it just a book-long advertisement for the cleaning products, with a little advice thrown in here and there? (Not what I was looking for.)

The cover certainly looked promising enough…

I dug inside.

Now I am not your genetically-predisposed-to-clean homemaker. I work at it, but it’s a struggle. How my mom kept such a clean house with five children underfoot is a mystery to me. (Well, we weren’t really underfoot, we were in school nine months of the year and out running around the neighborhood the other three months.) Little mythological creatures might have visited every day while I was out of the house, cleaning from top to bottom, making things sparkle and smell good, for all I knew.

Or my mom might well have followed the precepts laid out in Thelma Meyer’s book.

“Uncomplicated & hardworking tips for a clean & happy home” and “no-nonsense advice that will inspire you to CLEAN like the DICKENS”! That’s on the cover — you can read it yourself in the picture I’ve included above.

I like Mrs. Meyer’s style. She doesn’t promise that house cleaning will be easy. She does, however, show you how to make it workable, beginning with a pep talk drawing on her own experience, how she did it. I kind of felt like I was invited in for a glass of lemonade, sitting down on the porch, listening to a mom who’d raised nine children. She got out the photo albums, in fact, and gave me a little rundown on the kids, from their arrival in the family to where they are now. (What fun!) And then she got down to business.

– What to clean, and when

– Cleaning products and supplies (no, it’s not the advertisement I thought it would be — Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are produced by her daughter’s company, yes, but this is Mrs. Meyer we’re talking to, and the subject is cleaning as she did it over the years, refined through experience and repetition. She includes recipes for homemade cleaners.)

– Cleaning methodology and procedures (broken up by area and function, including laundry, yardwork, and storage spaces)

Throughout the book, there are these little asides tucked in, like quotes from her children, reflecting on growing up in her household, “My House, My Rules” mini-editorials on how she made it work, “Waste Not, Want Not” tips for saving time and money.

Not only is this a “big picture” book, as in getting a whole room clean, but it’s also a “nitty gritty” book in that it gets down into the details of how to clean specific surfaces (brass, marble, unfinished wood, finished wood, windows, walls, sneakers, flip flops, shower curtains, woolens, cotton clothing, unmentionables, furniture, concrete garage floors, etc. and so forth and so on, whew!).

And all along the way you feel as if you’re talking things over with an older, more experienced woman (Titus 2 comes to mind), maybe even working alongside her as she shows you the things she’s learned over the years, that help to make a house a haven and a home.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home would make a perfect gift for a bridal shower, or, if your mom never taught you what you need to know to keep house, do yourself a favor and give yourself this book as a gift. The book is $19.99 and well worth every penny.

“The ONLY cleaning guide you will ever need!” says the back cover, and it’s true.

To get a copy of your own, visit Hatchette Book Group’s convenient store locator page. Enter your zip code to find a store near you.


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