TOS Crew: Schleich Action Figures!


Hands down (or do I mean hands up?), the toys have been among the favorite review items (for the girls, anyhow) from our current year on the Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, with books for reading a close second. One2Believe’s Nativity and Noah’s Ark got hours of play, even if the animals looked cartoonish. The White Seneca and Mary Jane — Her Book from Salem Ridge Press were enthusiastically received and devoured. (Mary Jane’s book took a little warming up, at first, because it looked “too babyish” but when I settled down on the couch and started reading aloud to myself, it wasn’t long before I had an audience.)  The Missing Link: Found from Media Angels also won high praise from our young readers.

But the Schleich figures… These weren’t just spilled out of the box onto the floor. They were unpacked almost reverently, turned over in wondering hands while we exclaimed over the wealth of carefully crafted detail.

We’ve never owned Schleich figures before. When we started to tell people about them, we found a number of friends have been collecting them for years!I think these are the same as the beautiful figures we’ve seen at the local teacher supply stores, that I never looked at too closely because I was sure they’d be out of our budget. I was so surprised to find out what their actual prices are!

In our box of miscellaneous figures, we found a black-and-pink boar (anatomically correct) with a whimsical look in his eye, an African elephant standing at attention and flapping his ears, either to cool himself, or to warn away an intruding lion, stalking his herd, a bald eagle in the act of taking off or landing, its wings spread wide, a baby white tiger, looking cross-eyed and so very cute! …a white goose (you can almost see it waggle its tail) and a beautiful Halflinger pony that immediately was christened “Bill” after a certain famous pony from the Lord of the Rings.

(Isn’t this tiger baby cute? And now the girls want to get him a brother or sister to play with.)

I look much more real in person!

"I look much more real in person!"

I’m a little disappointed with the picture of the goose I found to include here! The goose I’m holding is so very lifelike, and you can make out individual feathers and wrinkles on his webbed feet.

All of the animals display a similar attention to detail. You can see the individual pads on the baby tiger’s paws, while the bottoms of the feet of the horse, elephant, and boar are similarly detailed. The animals’ “fur” is textured to give the appearance of individual hairs; the elephant’s skin is wrinkly. The horse’s mane is not simply painted on, but has dimension and texture.

The animals all bore tags that said they’re for children age 3 and up. The toys are sturdily made and can withstand a lot of active play. The day after they arrived at our house, someone had laid them all on their backs in a patch of sunlight on the rug (sunbathing, anyone?) and I stepped into the middle of them because I wasn’t watching where I was walking. None of them broke, though I certainly had a shock!

When we heard we were getting Schleich animals in the mail, we looked up “Schleich” on the web to see what it was all about. What a wealth of beautiful toys! There are wild animals and farm animals, knights and their gorgeously outfitted chargers, creatures fantastic and commonplace. There are even people! And dinosaurs! And pets! Prices range from something our children can buy with their pocket money, to elaborate sets that will take some saving up for, or perhaps make a dream of a Christmas present.

I have a feeling our collection will be growing…

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2 responses to “TOS Crew: Schleich Action Figures!

  1. Schleich are a long time favorite in our house! Jami sets them all up in elaborate battle scenes and plays Narnia with them as well! He just informed me that he has 47 Schleich, 2 Papo (which are not quite as real to detail as Schleich), and 6 Safari Ltd. (just one notch below Schleich – but they did have an incredible Griffin that Jami just loves, its his latest aquisition). For now, Graci just does the baby animals:)

    For future shopping needs, you can find Safari Ltd. and Papo at the Learning Palace. Schleich can be found at Fred Meyers, Target, Coastal, Toys R Us. They can all be found on the internet too I’m sure:)

    The only Schleich that have broken are some of the soldiers, which had swords and shields that have broken off (thank goodness for crazy glue) and the Phoenix lost a foot when it was stepped on one too many times.

    Thanks for the fun review! Happy collecting,

  2. homesweethomeschool

    Thanks, Beki! I remember seeing one of Jami’s knights when we were waiting to get into a CYT performance. Thanks for the shopping location hints!

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