TOS Crew: Generations of Virtue


Generations of Virtue is a ministry dedicated to encouraging the upcoming generation to godliness. Our family received their Beautifully Made set of books. There are three little books in the Beautifully Made set, which come all tied up with a pretty ribbon, looking suitable for a princess.

Caution: discussion of private female topics follows.

Approaching Womanhood

The subject is a girl’s maturing body. The first book, Approaching Womanhood, is designed for you to use with your pre-pubescent daughter. Written in a simple and straightforward manner, it speaks directly to the heart of a young girl, and is recommended for ages 8-12. I would strongly suggest you don’t just hand this book to her, but read it yourself first, and then perhaps read it with your daughter, together. At least, be ready to discuss the contents!

The book deals with the changes that take place in a girl’s body as she approaches puberty, and all that goes along with the process. Body image, God’s design, physical changes, personal care products are covered. The book is illustrated with simple black-and-white graphics, including a cross section of female internal organs in the section that discusses the physiology of menstruation.

The aim of the book is that no girl should be surprised or alarmed at the onset of her monthly cycle because of ignorance or lack of preparation. (I remember an older relative confiding in a whisper that she’d thought she was dying… her mom never prepared her, and she had to get all her facts of life from schoolmates. How sad!)

Celebrating Womanhood

Celebrating Womanhood is the second book in the series, designed for girls who have begun menstruating. The physiology has already been discussed in the first book, and this book covers more of the practicalities, including selection and use of personal hygiene products.

Again, I urge mothers to pre-read this book before turning it over to your daughter. Some moms may be uncomfortable with this discussion, or will wish to handle this information themselves. As in the previous book, there are a couple of diagrams showing female internal organs.

In this book the author presents a spiritual analogy, which you may or may not agree with. Use it as a springboard for discussion, along with the other material in the two daughters’ books.

This is not full-blown “sex ed” but merely an explanation of what happens to the body of a girl as she becomes a woman, including physical changes, how hormones affect mood, and practical matters.

Wisdom from a Woman–Mother’s Guide

The third book in the set is for the mother to read. The basic idea is to present maturity as something to celebrate, not a curse or inconvenience. There are suggestions for celebrating this milestone in life with your daughter, as well as thoughtful discussion.

Generations of Virtue

“Purity of heart, purity of mind, purity of body” are the bywords of Generations of Virtue. They have products for both girls and boys on the brink of adulthood, a blend of practical information, encouragement, and honoring God and His creation.

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