Free Resurrection Day Resources

The Old Schoolhouse has a gift for you!

Well, three gifts, actually. Two WeE-books and a PDF of Scripture place cards for your holy day meal.

The Real Easter Story: An In-Depth Study for the Whole Family is a 41-page PDF e-book. Inside you’ll find “the Easter story” with Matthew 26-28 (KJV), discussion/writing prompts (some simple and suited to young children, others prompting research and thought), a quiz, word search, and crossword puzzle, instructions for making your own set of Resurrection Eggs, and a recipe for Resurrection Cookies. Of course you’ll find answer keys for the quiz and word games, as well as  a resource list with clickable links to online resources.

Are you a new homeschooler, or thinking about homeschooling?

A bonus appendix offers several pages on how to start homeschooling, including links and an inspiring poem.

One thing I love about the e-books I’ve seen from The Old Schoolhouse is the interactive Table of Contents. You click on the chapter title, and the computer takes you right to the chapter.

Simple, but containing real meat, The Real Easter Story is a wonderful resource.


The Real Easter Story: Copywork for the Whole Family is a 71-page PDF e-book containing Scripture verses in manuscript and cursive, along with lines for handwriting practice (copying the verse) and boxes for drawing illustrations. Great for notebooking!

Place cards

The place cards PDF file contains a variety of pretty, colorful place cards featuring Scripture verses and flowers, each with space to write a name.

For these three free downloads, please visit this page. And tell your friends!


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