A walking miracle

“You can tell people you talked to a walking miracle today.”

The words came from Steve Lambert of Five in a Row, when he and his wife visited our FirstClass co-op last week. He gave a brief testimony during chapel time, and then he and his wife greeted people who came up to talk.

He told me to tell you, Thank you for your prayers!

It was wonderful to see him on his feet, looking much the same as he did last time he was here, except for a few holes in the head which he pointed out as a part of his testimony.

If you recall, he slipped on the ice and hit his head, picked himself up and went on with life, and a month later he was in the hospital and the doctors were talking “stroke” or “brain tumor”. It seems that swelling in his brain from that accident had begun to show effects… a month later! (It boggles my mind.)

It wasn’t mind-boggling to hear him say that, as he lay in his hospital bed hearing these prognoses, he was at peace. Most people would have regrets, he said, things they wished they’d done, or done more of, or not done, or done differently, something to that effect, but he was at peace, then and there, whether he was to live on half-paralyzed, or die, or (the possibility seemed remote) get well again.

I nodded and said, “That’s the blessing of walking in the center of God’s Will.”

He gave me a long look and then nodded back, and I knew I’d hit the nail on the head.

Walking in the center of God’s Will.

Easy to say. Difficult to do, sometimes, because we have this stumbling stone called human nature (I’ve heard it called just plain contrariness). But well worth it.


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