TOS Crew: Bible Story Songs

TOS Crew

The TOS Crew received a scattering of CDs from the Bible StorySong company, with different CDs going to different families. CDs included Moses (two different CDs), Matthew (again, two parts), David, and The Bible.

You can read Crew members’ reviews of various products here.

For our part, we received Matthew, Volume 2.

You can listen to song samples on the website, but let me give you our impressions, too.

The songs are briefly introduced and then sung by charming children’s voices, singable songs with simple accompaniment. The songs tell Bible stories or repeat Bible verses for memorization. The Bible passages are versified (that is, the words are changed around to give them a singable rhythm and rhyme)

Many of the tunes are taken from familiar songs: Go Tell It on the Mountain, There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, Over There, and more.

Lyrics are included with the CD, and additional material available at the website includes sheet music (simple melody lines and guitar chords), lyric sheets (lyrics, guitar chords) and puzzle books (memory verses and puzzles to go with the songs on the CDs).

This is good listening when you are doing chores! We found it did not make good background music when we were doing things requiring concentration, such as math or balancing the checkbook. The songs are upbeat and tuneful.

One more note: The rhythms are straightforward, the kind you’ll find in traditional children’s tunes and folk music. No rock beat or rap rhythm here, which was great news for our family. We’ve been raising our children without rock ‘n’ roll, and as a result they find a rock beat/rap rhythm rather painful listening. I was so glad to find Matthew, Volume 2 fit our preferences!

Matthew, Volume 2 is 61 minutes long, and is available for $9.99 at the Bible StorySongs website, along with the other volumes in the series.


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