TOS Crew: Homeschooling ABCs from Knowledge Quest

TOS Crew

It has been a pleasure, as a member of the TOS Crew, to review new homeschool products, hot off the presses. One of the best has been Knowledge Quest’s Homeschooling ABCs, a subscription-based course that gives new homeschoolers an introduction to homeschooling, a sort of mentoring by mail (or e-mail, as it were).

Every week for 26 weeks, you’ll receive an e-mail lesson with helpful material related to homeschooling, in every category you might have a question about (and some you don’t even know to ask about, but need to know!). What about socialization? How do I get organized? How do I choose curriculum? What do I need to know to get started (and keep going)?

Imagine being able to chat over the back fence with an experienced homeschooler. Or maybe sit at the kitchen table over coffee, or on a picnic blanket at the park while the children are playing. She has so many good ideas to offer, “been there done that” moments, suggestions, food for thought, encouragement!

In the Homeschooling ABCs, Terri Knowles of Knowledge Quest does just that: She meets with you weekly to talk about homeschooling, share what she’s learned along the way, even invites a few guest speakers to pop in on occasion. It’s sort of a class/support group meeting/series of homeschool workshops all rolled into one.

Each e-mail contains the link to a webpage with a downloadable PDF file (the lesson for the week). Within the PDF file is encouragement, instruction, and lots of links to online resources! Read through the lesson, explore the links, and do your homework (as assigned at the end of the lesson). This is “how to homeschool” in easy, bite-sized chunks!

At the download page for some lessons you’ll also find related resources for download, such as e-books or curriculum samples.

To give you an idea of a lesson, Lesson O is “Out the Door” or a lesson on making the most of field trips. The eleven-page lesson offers oodles of suggestions for getting out of the house on educational expeditions that’ll ignite your learning. After all, education isn’t just books; it’s life, and the world all around us! The homework includes taking a field trip, using the field trip planning sheet provided in Teaching Science and Having Fun, the e-book resource provided along with Week O’s lesson. (Teaching Science is a great resource in itself, by the way!)

You’ll want to save lessons to your hard drive or a CD for future reference. However, if you happen to lose an e-mail, links to previous lesson are provided at the bottom of the current lesson.

Subscriptions are $10 a month and include, in addition to the weekly e-mail lesson, ten bonus gifts and curriculum samples to get you started exploring the possibilities. Over the course of the six-month subscription you’ll receive an entire course in homeschooling plus over $250 in curriculum.

And if you miss a lesson because you were sick? Don’t worry, it’ll be waiting there in your e-mail box for you when you’re feeling better!

I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with the quality of the lessons. There’s so much here, not to overwhelm you but to encourage you! You’ll find good, helpful information that you can put to use right away. The Homeschooling ABCs is one of the best “how to homeschool” resources I’ve seen. (And believe me, I’ve seen a lot!)

Please note that the material in the lessons is for your personal use only, not to copy, share, or give away.

Only 1000 spaces are available for the class, and they’re going quickly, from what I hear. Go to this link to read more about this class, and to order.


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