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Here’s another fun resource for exploring the ins and outs of the English language, from the people who brought you All About Spelling. (Click on the link to see my review.)

homophonesAll About Homophones is a 240-page book dedicated to the study of words that are spelled differently, but sound alike.

Even our reluctant reader is fascinated by the concept. (Frustrated, sometimes, because they confound her when it comes to spelling, but fascinated, too.)

At the moment, since I brought up the topic, two of our girls are spinning out words almost faster than they can talk. “Red, redd, and read!” “Read and reed!” “Cole and coal!” “How about bole and bowl?” “What’s a bole?”

In this book you’ll find both teaching tools and games.

– Graphic organizers: Forms you can use in building a language notebook

– Worksheets: Practice using the right word, along with other activities. Teaching suggestions and ideas for using homophones across the curriculum and in real life are included.

– Crossword puzzles

– Card games: Print out the cards included in All About Homophones or make your own; choose from six games to play, or play them all! (I found the games instructive for other reasons–great for practicing with homemade flashcards in any subject area where you’re learning new words and definitions.)

– Additional teaching tools: Learning about homophones using books (a bibliography), forms to keep track of words learned, a long list of tongue twisters divided by level of difficulty, and a page of puns (what else? It’s what homophones are best at!).

– Appendices: Answer keys, an index of homophones and the exercises where they appear, followed by a “Mega-List” of all the homophones you might be able to think of, and then some.

This playful approach is a fun way for your family to explore and delight in using language, and lends itself to creative expression.

Also available on the All About Homophones website: Sign up for a free report, “Five Secrets for Teaching Homophones” or check out the helpful articles on teaching homophones, instructions for games, and a fun Homophone Machine — you put in a word, phrase, or sentence, and see what the machine spits out.

For example, asking Middlest just now:

Did you finish your math test? (Did ewe Finnish you’re math test?)

Her answer? No. (know)

All About Homophones is available as an e-book for $27.95 or printed for $29.95 plus shipping. Click here for an order form.

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One response to “TOS Crew: All About Homophones

  1. Not sure why this comment was entered here, as it doesn’t address the “Homophones” topic. However, I allowed the comment, as our dc have really enjoyed this author’s work.

    I grew up as a reluctant reader. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries, especially for tween boys, that girls and boys hate to put down. My web site is at and my Books for Boys blog is at

    I also have a short story in a new book called Lay Ups and Long Shots, published by Darby Creek Publishing. It’s a Junior Library Guild selection. I’m also featured in an article in the 2009 edition of Children’s Writer Guide.

    My other books are all ranked by Accelerated Reader

    Max Elliot Anderson

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