TOS Crew: ALEKS Math update

TOS Crew

I’ve already posted my wrap-up review for ALEKS, but I wanted to mention a feature I just discovered last week!

Printable worksheets!

I can log in to any of my students’ accounts and click on the “worksheet” option and generate a math worksheet based on the kinds of problems they’re currently working on. The worksheet is generated in PDF format, all ready to print. ALEKS sends an answer key (also in PDF format) to our master account’s inbox for each worksheet generated.

This means that on a day when we’re away from home, we can still do math!

(I know my girls are probably less thrilled about this than I am.)

Also, since I posted that review, dh has pronounced his opinion of ALEKS. He likes math. Math is something of a hobby with him. He majored in a mathematical discipline in college and does fancy math routinely in the course of solving computer problems. No, he doesn’t have two heads; there really are actual people in the world who like math. Anyhow, his opinion: ALEKS is a solid program. He’s very impressed.

Remember that you can get a free one-month trial of ALEKS at this link.


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