TOS: Digital Edition birthday bash!

TOS Crew

Come and join the party! The TOS Digital Edition is celebrating its first birthday!

I’ve posted about  the digital edition of The Old Schoolhouse  before, so I won’t go over all the great features here, except to say it’s searchable (find what you’re looking for, quick!) and contains links to Internet resources. (It’s so much nicer than typing in a URL from an article or ad and having to retype it because my fingers slipped.)

You can’t exactly take it in the bathtub for a long soaking session, but you can print out any articles you want to read (even those you want to read in the bath) and if you happen to drop your reading material in the water, it’s not ruined! (Just print it out again.)

If you’d like to have a first-hand look at what I’m talking about, here’s a link to the Summer ’07 issue. Play around with it, explore, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Better yet, The Old Schoolhouse is offering a special promotion, free e-books with your subscription, but the offer is time-sensitive. The sooner you respond, the better the offer! From their website:

Order today before the price goes up!
January 19th-24th, $10.95 for 1-year subscription and 5 E-Books (My comment: That’s $89.29 of value for $10.95!)
Going! January 25th-31st, $12.95 for 1-year subscription and 4 E-Books
Going! February 1st-8th, $14.95 for 1-year subscription and 3 E-Books
Gone! After February 9th, $16.95 for 1-year subscription

Want to know what e-books are included in the offer? Click here!

It’s easy to order. Just go to the Schoolhouse Store. (Here’s a link for your convenience.)


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