Monday, Monday

It’s one of *those* days.

Our phone’s been out since yesterday, it’s below freezing and very windy outside, and youngest has been urping since the wee hours and her stomach is still stuck firmly in reverse.

We didn’t make it to church yesterday, but printed the bulletin and did our own prayer, scripture and hymn singing. And then we went on to sing many more Christmas hymns and carols until our voices gave out.

The Giant Schnauzer went walking in the fresh-falling snow yesterday and enjoyed herself in it for the first time since we’ve had her. I know we had snow last year but I remember her not being thrilled. This time she was biting mouthfuls of the stuff and chewing it and taking handfuls of snow as the girls offered them and following footprints in the snow with interest and waggly tail.

She is not thrilled with today’s day-old, icy snow and spends as little time as possible on necessary outings.

The cable repairman is coming this afternoon to look at our phone, so I need to spend the rest of the afternoon alternating between tidying up and cuddling youngest.

So, no new reviews today, at least until youngest is feeling better.

Hope this finds your family doing better than we are at the moment!


One response to “Monday, Monday

  1. Jean – I’m so sorry your youngest have the yucky bug:( We’ll be praying for health to abound in your home soon! Thinking warms toes and Hot Cocoa thoughts on this cold and blustery day (as Pooh would say). – Beki

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