TOS Crew: Rime to Read!

TOS Crew

Rime to Read offers a set of twenty phonics-based readers reminiscent of the Bob books we used with our children. The books have a limited vocabulary, are organized into word families based on short vowel sounds, and have cute characters, simply drawn in a way that appeals to young readers.

However,  the Rime to Read books have some advantages we didn’t have in the readers we used early on. For one thing, they’re online! You can read online or download the books and print them out. You can print them over and over, if they get messed up or lost! When you read online, the website keeps track of how many pages have been read in each book, a nice way of keeping track.

Each book begins with a list of suggestions for using the set of readers. Most of them are pretty common sense. For example, the books are designed to be read in order. The material builds on what was presented previously.

As you read through the story, you’ll see pictures on the left hand page that give clues about the text. There will also be a list of the words used up to that point in the book that fit the word pattern (also known as a “rime” hence the name of the series) or family (you know, like “Dan, man, van”).

On the right-hand page of each two page spread is the simple narrative that makes up the story. New sight words appear in a box in the corner of the page. The text is color-coordinated, with the pattern part of the words that fit the pattern (-at, -an, -et, -ed, for example) in blue and the rest of the text in black. It’s hard to explain; but imagine in the “Dan” book all the -an endings of the words are in blue to make them stand out.

You page back and forth through the book by clicking on the large, friendly arrows.

The last two-page spread contains a list of sight words used in the book on the left hand side, and a chart showing the pattern words used, sorted into their word families.

The stories are cute and cleverly written. They’re actually fun to read together with your young reader, and despite the limited vocabulary they make sense! You can identify with the characters who ran to the van, especially when you see the rain pelting down in the picture!

If you’re looking for simple but amusing readers for your child that is just beginning to read, check these cute little books out. You can go to Rime to Read‘s website and read a sample book for free.

The website also offers helpful FAQs for teaching reading and a newsletter, as well as a contact function if you have other questions.

The Rime to Read books are available in sets of 4 for $9.99, or all twenty books for $44.99.


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