Time4Learning update

Time4Learning has added a new section to the parents’ discussion forum. The section is for Christ-centered families who are using the curriculum. Members can red-flag certain lessons with objectionable content–some might skip, others will use the lessons as a starting place for discussion. There are discussions relevant to homeschooling with a Christian worldview, in general and with specific reference to Time4Learning.

As you may (or may not) know, Time4Learning provides access to computer-based learning in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The lessons are secular-based materials, suited to a wide audience.

Up until now the forum has been faith-neutral. The majority of the forum remains that way; just one small section has been added for the benefit of Christian users.

Some of the material might not be suited to your family’s standards, depending on what these are. Lessons contain evolutionary content, for example, and overall the lesson presentation is designed to appeal to “typical” children. If you’re familiar with the JumpStart educational computer CD-Rom programs, you’ll understand when I say the younger children’s exercises are presented by characters that are sweet and silly. Just as in the JumpStart programs, as the grade level increases, we find the characters more oddball, off-the-wall, whatever you’d call it, in an attempt to be appealing to older children.

Since we’re not much for television-watching and popular culture, we tend to find the characters annoying, especially in the older grades. There’s a lot of wise-cracking going on, and the characters are caricatures.

Some people will find them amusing, adding to the enjoyment of the lessons. Some won’t. That’s one of the beauties of Time4Learning’s free trial; you can see how it suits your family’s style.

More about Time4Learning and our own use of the program will be coming soon.


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