Aleks math: update

I can’t tell you what “Aleks” day it is, off the top of my head.

Just want to update to tell you how impressed I am with this program. I like the way it keeps track of problems solved, or not solved, and tailors practice times accordingly. I like the way the calculator can be used on certain problems, but not on all problems. (Of course, if your canny student thinks of it, the Windows calculator is always available… I try to discourage that. I’d like them to drag math facts out of their brains where possible, though they’re welcome to ask me if they are not sure of a fact. For some reason 8×6 is a stumbling block for one of mine.)

I love the way it pops up with review problems on occasion, with an at-a-glance scale that tells you if the material is mastered, probably mastered, or needing work.

All that said, eldest is very frustrated at the moment. I think I need to do a little hands-on work with a *real* honest-to-goodness protractor for her to get an idea of how the thing works. She can manipulate the one on the screen, and enjoys doing so, but she’s mostly doing it without understanding and so she’s getting frustrated at getting a wrong answer over and over.

This is the child that needs lots of repetition to get a new concept, and angles are still pretty new and strange to her. I just have to remember to keep repeating the info until it sticks. A “cute” little angle… (acute: less than 90 degrees, also the “A” in “Acute” looks sharp at the top). Obtuse, a big old angle just like the big old “O” that starts the word “Obtuse”. And that just for starters. Plus drawing angles with a real protractor until she understands how the thing works. Then the virtual tools ought to be a breeze.


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