Time4Learning update

I have to tell you, I love Time4Learning‘s record keeping. We had a very busy week last week, and the girls didn’t have much computer-learning time. I was able to check on their work.

Yesterday was the first day since we signed up with Time4Learning that they really had time to do some lessons. It was illuminating to look at the record this morning. Short of standing over them and watching over their shoulders as they took their turns (some of which I did), I was able to tell that one child had spent four minutes on a lesson before taking a quiz, and twenty seconds on another lesson. Perhaps the material was already familiar, or perhaps the child was rushing through the lessons. I was able to get a better idea at a click; I viewed the quiz and saw what she got right, and what she got wrong.

I also told her that five minutes of math was somewhat less than I was expecting for a day’s lesson. It’ll be interesting to look at the record tomorrow morning.

We’re able to run Time4Learning on two computers at the same time. It comes in handy! I can be working with the third child on offline work while two are working online.

One of the things I like about Time4Learning is that it does free up some of my time. I got an hour’s worth of dejunking done yesterday. However, I worry about missing something. There are spots in the lessons where extra reading is suggested–I suspect these books are not being added to our library list by my less-than-diligent learners. There are also pages containing projects, activities, or experiments, and I’m not sure these are getting done–they may be skimmed or read through, but I haven’t noticed projects happening.

I need to take a closer look at the lesson plans provided for parents and see if they list when there is outside reading or an extra project or activity to complete. Otherwise i need to read through the lessons that the girls are doing to see if they’re skimming.


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