Review: Homeschool Library Builder

TOS Crew

Here’s a great resource for homeschoolers, especially if you’re using a study plan from one or more of the following publishers:


The Homeschool Library Builder website is a source of great books at reasonable prices. Two homeschool families run the site. This means they understand the value of good books, and the realities of the typical homeschool family’s budget.

Books are sorted into categories, making it easy to find just what you need. Categories include both academic (science, math, reference, historical fiction and nonfiction, classic literature, biography, teacher helps, and more) and not-strictly academic (books suitable for gift-giving, poetry, anthologies, crafts, and more).

At the moment they’re offering a “Bargain Bin” sale through the month of November, so you’ll find sale books categorized by price: $1, $2, and $5! Another current special through Thanksgiving (and while supplies last) is the offer of a hardcover picture book, Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxas.

Homeschool Library Builder has a free membership; if you join they’ll send you a monthly newsletter with the latest special offers, plus bonus features (for example a recent newsletter had a listing of websites for autumn and Thanksgiving activities). Another bonus: You accumulate book points with each purchase, which can be applied to future purchases for further discounts.

Many of the books are new or like-new — publisher’s remainders — the listing for each book includes the book’s condition, author, type (hardcover, softcover, ex-library, etc.), a brief description, and notation if the book is out of print.¬† Reading level is included where appropriate. I like that they list the original price listed as well, so that I can see how much money I’m saving!

And I mean saving ! The prices are great, the categories are carefully thought-out, the search feature is even more of a timesaver if you’re looking for a specific book. As the site title promises, Homeschool Library Builder will help you do just that.

(Bibliophile, beware. This site could be addictive…)


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