Schoolhouse Planner, November Module: Amusing Mathematics

Pssst. Come closer. Yes, you. Come closer so I can whisper.


Math can be fun!

I can see you looking skeptical. If we were back home where I grew up, you’d probably pull one side of your mouth awry, raise an eyebrow, and nod slowly, then say (unconvincingly), “Yah, sure!”

But really!

The November module that complements The Schoolhouse Planner (click on link to see a review) is all about math. Actually, it’s forty-eight pages focused on having fun with math!

Even my math-hating 12yo got drawn in, as I was reading a math trick aloud. She started doing the trick as I read each step, and pretty soon she was working out how the trick worked, and then she was looking over my shoulder at the page to see if she’d figured it out right!

One of the math tricks didn’t seem to work, the way it was written, but we had fun figuring out how the result was different from what we were expecting, and trying various ways to make it come out right.

Next thing you know, she was reading over the math riddles, no doubt storing them up to quiz her sisters or her dad when he gets home, and while looking at the copywork (one of the items was that old poem about “Monday’s Child”) she wanted me to look up her birthdate to see what day of the week she was born. (No, I didn’t remember. I’m blessed if I can remember what day of the week it is TODAY!)

I discovered how to make small font size today. Isn’t it fun?

You’ll find a little bit of this, a little bit of that in this November module. There are pages of copywork suited to different ages — cute rhymes to help little ones remember how to form numbers, longer poems, pithy sayings by famous people. There are riddles, as I mentioned, and mental math tricks. There are games such as Sudoko and a word search, and coloring pages that could double as wall posters in a school corner.

And if you’re of the school that says All play and no work/Makes Jack an awful jerk, be reassured that there are also worksheets that you can incorporate into your math lessons: speed drills for addition and multiplication facts, worksheets (multiplication table, shape identification), telling time.

Since this is an e-book, one of the advantages is the built in links! You’ll find links to all sorts of math fun — games, crafts, activities, lessons. (As a matter of fact, I had some difficulty reclaiming the computer from 12yo and her 10yo sister, to write this review, as they were deep in a Lemonade Stand sim game they found by following one of the links.) Also, since this is from The Old Schoolhouse, you’ll find a one-page resource list of links to products offered in the Schoolhouse Store.

Let’s see, did I forget anything? Tangrams, puzzles, vocabulary… Oh, yes! For the puzzles and worksheets, you’ll find a set of answer keys included. There are also a couple of recipes just right for cooler weather. I haven’t tried them yet, but all the recipes I’ve tried from The Old Schoolhouse’s publications have been yummy!

The November module to the Schoolhouse Planner can be found at the Schoolhouse Store (click on the link and it’ll take you directly to the module). It’s a downloadable e-book, in PDF format, for $7.95. Whether you have math fans or mathphobes at your house, you’ll find something here for everyone.


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