20th century reading list for a young and sensitive student

It’s not so easy to put this together. You see, youngest has a tender heart. There’s so much in recent history that’s disheartening. (Pardon the pun. Couldn’t resist.)

So far on my readaloud list I have:

1900 to 1920 or so
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk by Donald? Sobel
All-of-a-kind Family series by Sidney Taylor
Little Britches series by Ralph Moody
Sergeant York? (Might be too graphic at her age)
I think “Cheaper by the Dozen” fits here, too.

James Herriot’s books
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom
(Another book about hiding from the Nazis, I have it on the bookshelf but forget the title)
The Winged Watchman (re-read) by Hilde Stockum
Snow Treasure (re-read)
The von Trapp Family Singers (Maria’s autobiography)
Sergeant Donkey (not the whole title, but I forget the rest and it’s late)
House of Thirty Fathers (I think that’s the title, maybe it’s “Sixty”) by de Jong
YWAM’s Gladys Aylward biography

Space program (Race to the Moon DVD set, perhaps a biography or autobiography to go along with it)
Don’t know what else. Some Beverly Cleary books, like the Ramona series or Ellen Tebbits? (shows life in the 60s pretty well, I think)

Other Biographies:
Norman Rockwell? (My parents loved his art, and we have a big coffee-table book of his works they gave us.)
Churchill? (Saw a documentary about him, made by his granddaughter. What an adventurous life he led!)
Bob Hope? (Incredible story of an immigrant who “made it” and then gave generously of himself)
Martin Luther King, Jr.? (um. maybe, or maybe a snippet of his life and achievements, perhaps memorizing passages from his “I have a dream” speech–she’ll get awfully upset if the book ends with his assassination. She’s young, yet, and doesn’t need to have the fact pounded in. She’s aware of it, I think, in an abstract way. There’s time to revisit the 20th century again when she’s older.)

This was all from brainstorming while waiting somewhere today. I’m sure there’s more I can add to the list. Got any suggestions?


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