Homespun Holidays from The Old Schoolhouse

Autumn is here with shorter days and crisp, cool nights. There’s a homey smell in the air, combining woodsmoke and fresh air, while leaves blaze overhead and crunch underfoot. There’s something about autumn that makes me take deeper breaths, and I often drop whatever I’m doing to watch the wild geese flying overhead, on their way to warmer days further south.

You don’t have to be living where the leaves turn bright colors and there’s a nip in the air, to get that fall feeling. Just open up Homespun Holidays, Fall and Winter from The Old Schoolhouse, and you’ll be transported into autumnal delights. Though Thanksgiving and Christmas are well represented, as you’d expect from the title, you don’t have to wait for the latter part of November to start celebrating! Ideas for decorating suited to autumn and harvest will dress up your home to say “Welcome!” There are recipes here just right to greet cooler weather. Mmmm, I can just about taste that hearty soup simmering on the stove, can’t you?

A little this, a little that, wrapped up in eighty-some pages and tied up with a bright bow… Homespun Holidays, Fall and Winter is lavishly illustrated with colorful photos, and you’ll find here ideas for crafts, homemade gifts, foods, hospitality …even a few seasonal poems. There are books to read, new traditions to adopt, even a game to play on a long car ride as you head “over the river and through the woods.”

The recipes are easy to follow and sound delicious! (A couple that I’ve tried taste delicious!) Scattered throughout the book, they are also gathered together in the final pages for easy printing and reference. The craft instructions are clear and thoughtfully put together. There are hyperlinks in the text that give you access to additional crafts and holiday ideas. I was glad to find links for making Jesse Tree ornaments, and creative ideas for recycling Christmas cards, just for two examples. The cookie recipes make me think about hosting a cookie exchange!

Homespun Holidays, Fall and Winter is the perfect read for this time of year. Why not heat up a little apple cider with a cinnamon stick and some cloves, sit back with a steaming cup, and start planning to add some spice to the season?

Watch for this e-book, coming soon!

Edited to add:

You can now purchase Homespun Holidays at this link at the Schoolhouse Store.


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