Old Schoolhouse Magazine Fall Special!

If you’re following the standard school year schedule, you’ve been “back to school” for about a month, now. How’s it going? Have you settled into a groove, or are you still trying to get your engine to turn over? Are you new to the homeschool journey, or have you been on that road awhile and looking for fresh sights?

Sit back, grab a cup of steaming cider and a blueberry muffin, and join me in watching the leaf fight that’s about to break out on the front lawn… The young’uns have raked up the biggest pile of leaves I’ve seen, and somebody’s going to jump in it any minute, and then all fun is going to break loose!

In the meantime, let me tell you about the special deal that has crossed my blotter.

Great reading, helpful hints, encouraging articles

The Old Schoolhouse magazine, already well-known in homeschooling circles for their thick, full-color, glossy-paged magazine, chock-full-of ideas and encouragement, is offering a special subscription deal for the fall. Now, if you’re already familiar with The Old Schoolhouse, you know just what I’m talking about, and if you’re not–well, you’re in for a treat!

The magazine is satisfyingly hefty, full of promise when you pick it up. You open the pages and find a wide range of articles about homeschooling. There are practical tips on keeping house and home together, ideas for teaching specific subjects (history, literature, writing, science, etc.), even entire unit studies to give you a jump start.

Resources and reviews

Love to browse the Internet for homeschooling resources, but hate to buy just on the publisher’s recommendation? You’ll find product reviews in every issue, evaluations written by homeschoolers who have tried out the product and can tell you from personal experience how it works, or, in the case of a book, what it’s about. Other important issues covered in the magazine are current events, trends in home education, and the political climate as it affects our homeschooling freedoms.

With The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s fall special, you get two years of issues plus a lot more!

One of TOS’ best deals, ever!

The special includes two years of the magazine, 6 fabulous physical gifts (no downloads!) worth over $120, plus the current issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine that is full of ideas for the new school year, so you start receiving your magazine in a flash!

I’ve seen other subscription packages they’ve put together over the years, and this really is one of their best deals ever. You don’t want to miss out. In fact, at the time I’m posting this, they’re giving away a fun, roomy Homeschooling with Heart tote bag (valued at $13.95) for the first 1000 to subscribe. These bags are going fast, but you should still be able to get one if you hurry! (They will remove the info from the subscription page when the bags are all gone.)

The total value for all this is over $212, but you receive it all for only $39 – 50% off of cover price! Plus subscribers get their online monthly Teacher’s Toolbox which focuses on a different topic each month, giving you words of encouragement, hands-on teaching ideas, book recommendations, field trip ideas, and a bonus download item.

Subscribe now (click on the link, or cut and paste the address below into your browser), and give yourself a gift that will keep on giving for the next two years.

Bubbles, anyone?

Dusk is falling now, and the children are coming in, laughing and covered with leaves. Excuse me while I sort out the chaos and get them squared away… and then I think I’m going to pick up a big, glossy magazine out of the rack (just guess which one), run a tub full of bubbles, and soak and read.

What fun!

Subscription link to The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s fall special:


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