Just checking in…

…wouldn’t want you to think I forgot!

It’s been an interesting week. Youngest came down with a nasty fever-sore throat early in the week, and I came down with it Monday night, as I mentioned. Tuesday-Wednesday were bad, Thursday was shaping up to be a day when we’d finally add math for *everybody* (not just youngest) when…

…you guessed it. Life happened.

There was a little mishap during our lunch break, and off we went to the local Urgent Care. Around dinnertime we got home, complete with one of those nine-saving things. (A stitch in time, etc.). But the child who had the mishap is fine, it could have been much, much worse (as in losing an eye, instead of having a stitch in the eyelid), and we are thankful for our many blessings.

Today is “Not Back to School” day at the local amusement park, with discounted ride bracelets for homeschoolers. The girls elected to spend some of their county fair premiums for ride bracelets. So I guess we’re not back to school, at least for today.

More on planning soon! I’ve got a dynamite student assignment sheet to share with you, courtesy of Jennifer van Atta. (Jennifer? You out there?) Jennifer was a member of our homeschool group, but her family moved away years ago and I lost track of her. I am still using her ideas for assignment planning, however. They’ve stood the test of time!

(If you happen to know Jennifer, could you let her know I was asking about her?)


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