The Old Schoolhouse goes digital!

One of my biggest clutter problems is paper clutter. Our home is graced with stacks of paper clutter: Articles, forms, and worksheets printed from the Internet make up a large part, but homeschooling magazines are *huge* contributors. It’s so hard to get rid of these… I’ll start to pile old magazines into a paper bag, to share at a homeschool event, only to find myself sitting down and reading an article, or setting the magazine aside because I wanted to try this unit study or that recipe.

Aargh! No wonder I have homeschoolish heaps!

(trumpet fanfare, and an echo of “Here I come to save the day!” — Mighty Mouse fans, anyone?)

Enter The Old Schoolhouse to the rescue!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is now available in digital form, with all the color, content, and convenience of the paper edition — without the clutter!

Picture this…

The new issue arrives in your email box.

Well, no, not exactly. That would be an enormous email. I mean, if you’ve held an issue of The Old Schoolhouse in your hand, you know how thick it is, all those glossy colored pages, heavy with promise.

What you get in your email box is the gateway to the new issue. The email contains a list of highlights so that you can go immediately to an article that catches your attention. In addition, there’s a master link taking you to the entire online version of the magazine: Start reading at once, or bookmark the link for later reading, or download the magazine for offline reading.

Dynamic, interactive reading

Did I say “download the magazine”? What I meant to say is that you download a dynamic, interactive version of the magazine, where any page is just a click away. The issue opens in your browser. The first page of the magazine is a “getting started” page which explains how to get the most out of your magazine. A navigation menu appears at the top of every screen, allowing you to move around with ease. Choices include:

Arrows: These allow you to move to the first and last pages instantly, or to page forward and backward just as you’d page through the magazine, turning over a page at a time.

Contents: Brings up a popup window with the Table of Contents. Just scroll down the list to highlight your choice, click, and you’re there!

Pages: If you’re highly visual, you’ll appreciate this feature, which gives you thumbnail pictures of every page in the magazine, clear enough to read headlines and see the graphics and layout of each page. It’s as if every page is laid out and you’re taking an aerial view. Again, click on the page you want, and you are instantly there.

Search: This is really sweet. Enter a search term in the box. Decide whether you want the program to match the term exactly, or find related terms (for example, “organization” might bring up references to organizing). This is so much faster than paging through a physical magazine, trying to remember where you read about something. The program will generate a list of pages containing your search term(s). You can even use wildcards (? for any letter substitute, * to substitute for a number of letters)!

Links: This brings up a list of links for the current page view, or a list of all the links in the issue, ordered by page, if you check the “show all pages” box.

However (and this is really an incredible convenience), when you are reading a specific page, and there’s a website link on that page, you can click on the link and be taken to that website in the blink of an eye. Click on an email address, and a blank email comes up, ready for the writing!

Settings: Personalize your reading. Look at one page at a time, or a two-page spread. Clicking on a page while going through the magazine will bring you into “magnified mode,” zooming in on the page to make it more readable. You can use the scrollbar to scroll down, or click-and-drag your mouse to move around the page. Another simple click zooms you out again. The Settings feature allows you to decide how much magnification you want when you zoom, and how quickly you want to turn pages.

Let me reiterate that this magazine looks exactly like its print version… same bright colors, same informative articles, same resources — but in a great new format that won’t clutter up your living space!

Save Money, Time and Space!

(I’ve always wanted to be able to say that in a radio announcer’s voice!)

The Old Schoolhouse digital version is eco-friendly (no trees will give their lives to bring you the current issue), helps lighten your mail carrier’s load, and saves you money, too! Subscribing to the digital version saves you more than 30% of the cost of the printed magazine!

Easy to use, convenient, and clutter-free: Check out The Old Schoolhouse digital version today!

p.s. Free giveaway!
I’m giving away a free subscription to the digital version of The Old Schoolhouse. Just comment on this post by September 30th for a chance to win! If you include an announcement of this contest on your blog or website, and leave me a link, I’ll enter your name twice! (To comment, just click on the number of comments at the bottom of this post. Give a name or make up a nickname — but be sure to enter your email address so I can contact you if you win! I don’t collect emails or use them for any other purpose, and your email address will not be available to anyone else who visits this blog. Thanks!)

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4 responses to “The Old Schoolhouse goes digital!

  1. I’d love one!

  2. Love it if you can hook me up with the subscription! I’d love to do as much as possible on the computer and save some trees in the process. I have a tablet computer but not too many good programs to run on it. I can’t seem to find a good handwriting skills application for tablet pc.

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