Best laid plans…

It was a cliche around our house. My mom was a planner. She was such a planner that she had a Plan A, and a backup plan (Plan B), and a backup to the backup (Plan C), etc. I remember one evening when I heard her say to nobody in particular, “Well, we got as far as Plan F, but we made it through…”

Of course, she didn’t really have a sheaf of written plans. She did most of this in her head, quickly figuring out what she was going to do if a monkey wrench was tossed into her spokes, reformulating her mental map of her course for the day as many times as unforeseen events required. (There are a lot of unforeseen events when you’re a mom, have you noticed? No matter how carefully you plan, too.)

I asked her once what the rest of the saying was. For years, all I’d heard Mom or Dad say was the first part of it. Best laid plans…

Mom looked at me blankly for a moment, as if she’d nearly forgotten it herself, and then smiled and answered, “…gang oft aglee!”

Evidently it’s a Scottish cliche. Since I didn’t speak the dialect, she translated for me. “…go oft awry.”

All this to say, I had my plans laid, but I’ve had to go to Plan B.

You’ve got to admit, life is never boring.

Do you ever have your ducks all lined up in a row, only to wake up the next morning and find someone’s moved them?

I started coming down with a cold yesterday, all the while hoping that it was just allergies. But nope! I woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat and general aches.

It’s the first day of school. Three of us had appointments at the chiropractor this morning. Our Keepers at Home/Contenders club is meeting this afternoon for a BBQ and instruction in decoupage and lawn mower maintenance.

It’s okay, though. I’ve reshuffled the deck and taken out the cards that won’t work. (Rescheduled chiropractor for later in the week, called to say we won’t be able to come to Keepers meeting.)

The girls are disappointed over the meeting, of course, but one is sick with the same cold I have, so we probably would have ended up staying home anyhow. They’ve thrown themselves into cheerfully making breakfast and tidying up, and then we’re going to have our Bible reading and hymn singing. (Hymn croaking? Um. Let’s call it hymn-listening, on the part of the two sickies.)

Since we were going to ease into academics this week, it doesn’t hurt our plans too much. We were already planning to do Bible and hymn singing today, along with some homekeeping projects. (Dejunking the younger girls’ bedroom, for one.) Youngest asked plaintively if we could *please* do some math today, too. How could I be so hard-hearted as to refuse? So I’ll do some math with youngest, too, though math was not on my schedule until tomorrow.

If I’d planned to jump from summer vacation into a full-blown “school day” I’d be feeling quite the failure at the moment. Of course, teachers in institutional schools catch bad colds, too, and I imagine there’s at least one of them, somewhere in the world, who had to stay home from school today.

Hey. I’m staying home, too, and feeling like something the cat would have dragged in, if we had a cat. But we’re chugging along according to Plan B, and everything’s going to be okay.

More on planning soon, I hope.


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